Name: Cha Hae-Jun
Ha Ji-Won
Height: 5'5"
Personality: Competitive, but easy-going and passionate at the same time. She is more fervent about Sector 7 than anyone, and is constantly in conflict with the indecisive management at headquarters. 

Name: Kim Dong-Su 
Oh Ji-Ho
Height: 6'
Personality: Sly but pure-hearted deep inside. He thinks he is in a relationship with Hae-jun, but it looks more like a one-way crush to others on board the Eclipse. 

Name: Ahn Jeong-Man
Ahn Sung-Ki
Height: 5'7"
Personality: A charismatic leader, he enjoys the confidence of the organization. He's an old-timer who knows Sector 7 like the back of his hand. he is very fond of Hae-Jun and was a close friend of her late father.